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Hi everyone this is ann I hope you’re all doing well today I have some beauty product empties to share with you and these include makeup and skincare items I always find empties very helpful because once somebody has used an item completely they have a really good idea of how it works if they like it if they don’t if they’ve noticed any results and if it’s something that they repeatedly repurchase,

not so I hope you find this video helpful as always I’ll put all the product links down beneath this blog box in case there’s an item you want to go on and read more about since I haven’t done an empties video in about 10 months I do have multiple empties of some of these items so I’ll just show you how many I’ve gone through in the last 10 months starting out with skincare I have three empties of my very favorite facial scrub this is the nip and fab glycolic scrub and this has three percent glycolic acid in it it also has sand-like particles it does a great job of removing dead skin cells off the surface of your skin to reveal smoother brighter more even-toned skin and I like to use this in the morning before I take a shower,

I just apply a little bit to my face my neck my upper chest and the backs of my hands and all you do is work it in in circular motions and then rinse it off and by far out of all the facial scrubs I’ve ever used I think this one is the most effective and one that I always repurchase another skincare product that I have multiples of in my empties is biflorga Florida is a french skincare company and this is their new intensive regenerating serum this is the very first time that a topical product is equivalent to mesotherapy injections and the need formula contains 50 different actives which include vitamins minerals amino acids coenzymes and antioxidants all of which are used in mesotherapy injections and this serum helps to reduce wrinkles it helps to brighten the skin it regenerates the skin it evens the skin tone and it also increases skin elasticity,

I like to use this serum at night time after I’ve cleansed my skin remove my makeup as my very first product on and this is a great product I would highly recommend it another product by Florida that I have multiples of in my empties are their neutral filler lips and one is older packaging and then I believe the black packaging is their newer packaging but it’s the same product and this is a lip plumping regenerating product this has the nice formulation with the 50 different actives in it that I just talked about in the last product

I showed which is their mesotherapy serum has the ncef it also has peptides to help build collagen within your skin which will help your lips to be plumper and fuller and then it has shea butter and some natural oils to help moisturize your lips and I have been repurchasing this for so many years I love this product it doesn’t burn it doesn’t tingle and it’s a great one to use if you use your derma roller on your lips you can use this right after to help build collagen but you don’t have to use it with a derma roller if you don’t like derma rolling,

you can just use it on its own and it’s a great product to help build collagen for fuller-looking lips for my makeup remover, I’ve been using bio oil and I finished a small bottle of it I liked it well enough that I went ahead and purchased the larger bottle of it and this is a blend of natural oils it helps to even the skin tone smooth the skin it helps to improve the appearance of scars and stretches marks and I’ve been using this as my makeup removing oil at nighttime and it does a great job of removing makeup including waterproof mascara very quickly it.

also helps to condition the lashes and I know a girl who uses this as a makeup remover and her lashes are so long and pretty and I asked her makeup at night so I started using this I really like it it does a great job of removing makeup another skincare item that I have multiples of in my empties is by using and this is the daily hydration cream with a broad spectrum SPF of 30. I love this cream it absorbs well it moisturizes really well and then it has an SPF of 30. 

I like to apply this in the morning to areas of my body that might be exposed to the sun my arms my upper chest my legs and i also keep one in the car to apply as my hand lotion as I’m driving to protect my hands from the sun rays and I really love this lotion would highly recommend it moving on to a few makeup items I have my very favorite primer and this is by Peter Thomas Roth it’s his skin to die for primer this helps to blur the skin it helps to fill in any pores or lines and wrinkles it has a mattifying effect to it,

so it doesn’t get greasy or shiny throughout the day and it really helps to hold your makeup on and make your makeup last all day long I always repurchase this one it works great with more mature skin and I would highly recommend this I finished another of my very favorite tinted moisturizers this is by it cosmetics it’s the bye bye foundation tinted moisturizer with an SPF of 50. I wear mine in shade medium and this is more of a full coverage tinted moisturizer I just use one pump of it and that is enough to cover my face my neck and a little bit of my upper chest it has sun protection it evens my skin tone and it gives a very natural skin-like finish,

so I love this is primarily the foundation that I use and would highly recommend this my last makeup item is by Neutrogena and this is their mineral shears powder foundation I wear this in shade 60 and what I use this for is after I’ve applied my it tinted moisturizer I will use this kind of as a setting powder just on my t-zone and it does a great job of just giving a really pretty smooth finish to my skin without making it looks overly cakey or makeups and I also can use this as a concealer around my eye area and it works great so this is a really good powder foundation especially if you’re over 50 it gives a very natural look and it’s not overly drying on the skin like some powder foundations,

can be so I like to use this primarily as a setting powder but you can use it as your foundation as well and I have done that now it looks really pretty so this is a great product that I do always repurchase as well if you’ve tried any of these products I would love to hear your thoughts on them down in the comments section if you’ve never tried any of these products I would highly recommend them they’re all great products and ones that I repurchase thank you so much for watching and taking a trip through my trash can with me I truly appreciate it

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