Miss Rose Cosmetics all Products Review

Hello everyone hope you all are good so today I am going to show you my makeup the kit that I bought from the online shop let’s open it so you can see these all things are available in this makeup kit this color is beautiful,

I receive this is in good condition this texture is hard and you can take it easily everywhere with yourself almost all types of colors are available in this because this is a professional kit so the first thing is this mirror which is clear and clean I put this plastic because of dust secondly these colors beautiful bold colors you can see that all types of gold colors also some are shimmery and some are made the color combination in this kit is very beautiful so you can see these lipstick colors these all are very beautiful and all are very long-lasting these are compact powders with different shades also these are very beautiful shades eye shades that you can use in your daily routine also different colors of blush ones this is a collection of brushes and compact powder puff overall this makeup kit is very beautiful,

you can take it very easily everywhere okay let’s try some colors first I have to choose this color because this one is very beautiful this one is for a smoky touch this one is with shimmery touch blue with shimmer and this one is green with shimmer let’s try some blush ones these two colors are for contouring so you can see these colors are beautiful and best for contouring all type of contouring blush in color is also very beautiful it’s light pink okay let’s try some compact powder extractor is very good you can see it looks like long-lasting,

let’s go to my favorite part which is lipsticks my all-time favorite colors this one is peach light peach color so you can see it looks beautiful even you can wear it everywhere this one is baby pink pure baby pink and the last one is radish it’s almost reddish or it gives some touch of orange but the major color of this is reddish these are some shimmers for eyeshade this one are also beautiful and light into it even you can wear it in your daily routine so tell me in the comment section that which part you like the most and what’s your favorite color in these all shades that’s all for today we will meet soon in next blog bye-bye stay safe

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