Best Selling Makeup Product Review

all lovely viewers and my youtube family also you all are doing very well now I’m going to share with you my all products and I actually bought these products and I’m using these products nowadays so that’s why friends I know very well about these products and that’s why,

I want to show you my all skincare products so friends now first one is triple action this is from sb whitening facial now second one is whitening scrub this is also from sb fashion and actually I bought these three steps first one is triple action second one is scrub now the third one is toner this facial is from all skin types,

you can use it now I’m going to share with you the pawn screen you can see this is also really good if you’re new here so please site also press the bell icon for more updates friends this point screen is from japan and this is really good for your daily routine and also Pakistani uh pond screen is also really good because I know uh this product so now another product is this is a bleach from derma clean bleach and it’s really good friends I really like it now another is a Ganesh uh face powder this is a face powder actually uh my sister-in-law, said that you must use this product it’s really good for dry skin for oily skin combination skin all types of skin,

you can use this product this is really good that’s why I purchased this product and this number is five so I really like it, friends, now I’m going to share with you glamour brand you know very well about glamour brand this is a very very famous brand and I really like glamour face powder glamour eyeshadows and glamour mascara these all trust me friends I really like it I have been using this product uh since five years so that’s why I know very well about glamour products,

you can see this grammar uh mascara and it’s really good this sb facial is almost 5500 something and this is a 750 Pakistani rupee you can see and now derma clean is around 600 rupees so this is also really good friends and this glamour mascara is about 350 I think 350 here and this face powder is 400 these all products are very reasonable and it’s really good also you will like these all products friends okay uh please take care yourself take care your family my site to press the bell icon the la face

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